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Amphitheatre of Siviris in Halkidiki

Cassandra Festival

The Cassandra Festival organized by the public welfare Business of the municipality of Kassandra

Having passed in the third decade of his life, from the 1993 founded the Festival of Cassandra is one of the most important cultural institutions in northern Greece, a connective tissue between man and art.
That’s because in the context of two months (July, August), reveals and covers a wide range of options from all forms of art and human expression (music, song, theatre, dance, artistic interventions etc), with specifications that shall ensure that always kept high and with artistic events and suggestions from all over Greece and abroad.

The Cassandra Festival is a dynamic institution that develops and evolves constantly, a lounge of values and ideas, a modern crossroads of culture.

The program of the 27th Cassandra Festival is continuously enriched

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