Boundless blue … endless sandy Halkidiki beaches and beautiful shores in over 550km, awarded with 32 blue flags. Deep green … fragrant pine trees embracing the waves, a smell of resin and salt sea air. A unique combination in the Aegean! Halkidiki, a fertile place, rich in flora and animal life, colors and scents, fertility and harmony. Silvery olive groves, golden fields of grain and endless vineyards produce rich harvests.
An unspoiled natural paradise that harmonizes tradition with modern life. Aristocratic mansions, fine hand-made textiles, exceptional local cuisine and wine, ancient legends and popular songs, festivities and feasts enriched by 2.500 years of history. Olynthos, Akanthos, Afytos. Potidea: powerful ancient cities whose walls were built by the colonists from Eretria. Stagira: the birthplace of Aristotle where he lived and taught. Petralona: a cave of stunning natural beauty, sheltering the renowned “Archanthropos (ancient man) of Petralona” who lived 250.000 years ago. The cape of Poseidi: the most ancient sanctuary of Poseidon, with the dog faced fairies. Kassandra: the peninsula named after the Macedonian King Kassandros, brother-in-law of Alexander the Great. Sithonia: the peninsula named after the son of Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the sea. Ouranoupolis, Nea Focea, Sani, Toroni, Galatista: towers of rock and stone, magnificent jewels of the Byzantine era.

Nikiti: ancient Christian churches with their characteristic architecture. Ierissos and Nea Potidea: where martyrs suffered under the Turkish domination. Athos: monasteries which are real fortresses built on the tempest-lashed rocks of Mount Athos, ramparts standing firm against the impious intruder. Shady and tranquil gardens, refuges for contemplation and meditation, silence that sharpens hearing, harmony. Unique holy images and church treasures.
Near hotel Mendi you can find spa with medicinal water of Agia Paraskevi.

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