Paradise?! Even more than that!!”
I started reading all the reviews after having paid and reserving for my vacation. I felt very bad after reading all the bad comments. I was scared that this dream vacation would be a nightmare. Trust me on this, ignore all the bad comments because none of them is true. What you see in the photos is what is true. My room had a sea view! The view was amazing! The food was great, and even the prices are very reasonable! Note: You are a tourist. Paying 10% more than the average price of an item is normal! You should know that the hotel is isolated – away from everything- which made the vacation more relaxing. There is a shop within the hotel from which you can buy food and drinks and even souvenirs! There is also a tavern and a very nice bar! The beach just in front of the hotel is full of stones. No problem- just go a little further from the hotel as you walk along the shore and you will find a good place (also isolated) to swim. It is a family hotel and I saw lots of kids enjoying their time with special programs at night! Trust me, if you want to relax, your stay at this hotel will make you forget all your problems! The price is less than what I got! The rooms look better live than in photos! Even the hotel looks much better live than in photos! If I go to that area again, I am sure I will stay in Mendi hotel again! Those that wrote bad comments here kept me worried about the hotel until I got there!

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